clutch slippage

Jesse Nordlander /

lately i tried an experiment to see how much weight my 2 horse would pull, so some kid wanted to help me pick up potatoes from the fields so i said ok get on and he weighs 245 and i weigh 140 so it was a little much i should have knocked him off the back and he coulda walked but i was nice and he pushed it up the hills

well the problem now the clutch slips like hell and in the owners manual it says to adjust the clutch so i checked under the cover and couldnt figure it out i was going to pull the clutch but i cant find nothing in my garage so i tightend the nut tighter although i knew it would do nothing

i like to think i know everything but this is one thing i cant figure out

any help would be appreciated

Re: clutch slippage

what make/model moped????????

Re: clutch slippage

Jesse Nordlander /

it is '78 puch single speed

Re: clutch slippage

Ben Van Zoest /

The starting clutch also gets you going and up to speed at about 1300 rpm the main clutch dogs set and take over the drive. The starter 'plate' clutch than disengages.

Look at the F2 transmission oil and see if you burned up the plates. A good indication is a murky chocolaty thick syrupy color like molasses, it's amen for your clutch...

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