Wiring help with a 1976 Jawa Transistor 40

I've got a 1976 Jawa Transistor 40 with no spark. This was like the first moped in the world with a fully electronic ignition so its got this crapy Tranzimo thing instead of a coil and i think that it is shot. I switched it out for a Bosch snowmobile coil and got some spark but it was not constant, then it evened out then quit.(I was using a drill to turn the magneto and i think that it was moving something when it shook, I think that's why it wasn't constant)

I think that it might not be grounded correctly. There is a white wire coming from a small part on the magneto and I think it grounds it when it should spark, that could be the problem(SEE ATTACHMENT)

Any input would help



Re: Wiring help with a 1976 Jawa Transistor 40

John Joedicke /

Try www.jawamoped.com, might be something there you can use. Also moped riders has a manual on there site for one of the Jawa models

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