headlight/points failure

Nolan Gherity /

Any comments on the story that if your headlight burns out or if you have it turned off the points will fail prematurely?

Re: headlight/points failure

Although anything is theoretically possible depending on how the electrical system is designed.. i don't see a direct correlation between power to a headlight and points burning.

On most bikes the lighting and ignition systems are totally isolated from each other. But on some it's true that the tail light element is part of the ignition circuit, for instance.

If a headlight were connected to the ignition circuit and the light burned out, it seems like more current would then be available to the ignition/points/spark plug and could cause an overload?

However, the ignition coil in the magneto has the same current delivery capacity whether the headlight switch is On or OFF.. The magneto generates some steady amount of power regardless.. So, where is that "extra" current going when the headlight switch is OFF? Wherever it's going, it's not busy overloading ignition components and burning up the points.

This is the first time i've heard this story. Bike have been around longer than i have but you'd think this thing about points burning would be common knowledge if it were true.

Re: headlight/points failure

Nolan Gherity /

thanks joe

(that was my dad posting)

yeah, the wiring has been all cut up and mixed around so i have no clue as to redo the stock set up.

hopefully riding without the light doesnt burn the points out, but if it does, are they easy to find/ replace?



Re: headlight/points failure

what kinda bike? model/year

I found replacement headlamps expensive (like $35) and hard to find for my Honda.. The metal tabs on the lamp have to be correct or it won't bolt on to the stock headlight body.

I ended up modifyiing my existing burned-out lamp.. Carefully removed the glass in front (took an hour) and unsoldered the burned bulb andremoved it.. Went to Home Depot and found a 12 V 25 Watt Halogen / reflector replacement bulb for about $5.

The new bulb was inserted through the front and siliconed in place. It's leads were silver soldered to the headlight wiring. Lens was siliconed back into place to keep water out and make it easy to remove next time.

Only "low" beam is available but it's better than nothing and i dont ride at night much. Cars see me coming .. and it's pretty cheap and easy to replace if need be.

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