good battery no power from it

Chris Long /

It will work if you kickstart it but you have to be at high rpms

for th fuel gage,turn signals, ext. to work. when you stop with

the turn signal on you have to keep giving it gas or they start

to blink really fast and the moped dies

Re: good battery no power from it


1.I imagine you have a scooter if it has kick/electric start, and a fuel gauge.

2. How do you know the battery is good?

3. Have you checked the fuse(s)? if there is a battery there is likely at least one fuse.

4. Is all the wiring hooked up? Battery connected correctly and tightly, all other wiring good.

Re: good battery no power from it

Chris Long /
snap OP

I have a battery tester and i also put it in my brothers scooter

and it worked, i put his in mine and it didnt. the fuses are good and im almost positive the wirring is connected correctly

and tightly. Ill double check though thanks for your help.

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