Honda Express Starter Spring Replacment

So after looking for a how to on this subject for a long time, I never really found one. I have managed to do it though and it was easier than expected so here's how I did it. It's going to be in a bunch of parts since there are a lot of pix.

Step 1: Crankcase Removal

This took me a really long time. Namely because I did not have the right tool, an IMPACT DRIVER. If you don't have one and want to do this, I'd strongly reccomend getting one ( $20). If you're stubborn or in college (ie poor) you can do it like this. Get a can of LIQUID WRENCH (LW) and some NEEDLE NOSE VICE GRIPS (NNVG). Spray the 15 screws with the liquid wrench every time you go into the garage for about 4 or 5 days. I laid the bike on its side to let it soak in but just dose it in the stuff.

When you're out of LW or patience, clamp the NNVG around the screw head as tight as you can and wiggle it back and forth until you loose the grip on the screw. Repeat until the screw has broken free and remove it the rest of the way with a screwdriver.

Some of the screws are harder to grip than others but it _can_ be done... don't give up.

I ended up replacing all the screws in the end with 30mm M6 machine screws which I got at Tractor Supply, so don't worry about the condition of the old hardware.

-Step 2: Loose Parts

Now that you have the cover off grab the loose parts (attachment) before you loose the (like I did). There is a washer on the kickshaft, a ratcheting arm, and the spring for that arm. Put them in a bag and set them out of the way.


Re: Honda Express Starter Spring Replacment

-Step 3: Dissassembly a

Now that you have the loose parts out of the way, see if you can't save the large gasget that runs around the edge of the cover. I was unable to but your's may be in better condition. Regardless the case, you need to get some LOCK RING SPREADERS (LRS) and take off the lock ring on top of the kick shaft.

Beneath this is another washer and a spring. Remove all this and set it aside. With these pieces out of the way, you should now be able to remove the kick shaft limiter. You'll probably need to put a little pressure on the kickshaft, but the limiter just pulls straight off.

This limiter is the only connection between the external kickshaft and the internal starter spring mechanisim, so now the external kickshaft should move freely. Let go of it and make note of the angle that it makes with the crankcase cover. You will need to replicate this angle upon reassembly.


Re: Honda Express Starter Spring Replacment

Step 4: Dissassembly b

Now go and get a 14mm (i think) wrench and remove the two nuts which are holding on the bumper. Remove those and the washers set them aside.

Now depending on the status of your spring when it broke, there may be a lor of tension still in the system. If thats the case it may be difficult to remove the bumper, but again it is doable. Remove the bumper and set it to the side.


Re: Honda Express Starter Spring Replacment

-Step 5: Dissasembly c

Now that the bumper is out of the way, the spring should be relaxed and the entire crankcase should be in its state of lowest energy. Flip it over and remove the external kickarm. Like almost every nut on this bike, it is a 10mm head, M6 thread. My kickarm was on really tight, but if you still have the 5 ton puller it should make quick work of it.

Once the kickarm is removed, flip it back over and the entire kickshaft assembly can be removed. Just push it through from the back side and angle it toward the starter spring. This will allow you to remove the chain without ever needing a chain tool.


Re: Honda Express Starter Spring Replacment

-Step 6: Dissassembly d

Now you have removed the chain and kickshaft, you see a black plate with all sorts of dire warnings about removing it. To further avoid lawsuits, Honda used special screws to keep it in place. They are very similar to a T30 DRIVER but they have a little nub in the middle so you can't use the T30 alone.

I tackled this problem in two ways. First thing I did was to take my DRILL and just drill down the little nubs. This worked ok and I was able to use my T30, but drilling took a long time and was quite tedious.

One of the screw's I messed up though and drilled out the T30 head rendering gmy driver useless. So I got a DREMMEL and cut the head off. Fortunately, there are no threads on the black retaining plate so I was able to lift it off and use my NNVG to remove the shaft a little later. This is the method I'd use if I did this again... much quicker and you can replace the screws with M6 machine screws later.

One good thing is that they didn't put the safety screws in very tight, so I suppose we should thank them for that.


Re: Honda Express Starter Spring Replacment

-Step 7: Dissasembly e

Now with the plate out of the way, the last thing staring you in the face should be the starter spring and the clutch interlink.

Remove the clutch interlink first. I did this by just pulling it up and out. You may have to pull quite a bit as the spring will want to keep it in there, but just keep pulling and it will pop out eventually.

That leaves you with a broken half of a starter spring in the case. To get this out, grab the NNVG, clamp onto an accessable spring edge, and pull. It will probably pull about pi radians out or so, so repeat until the entire spring is out.

I'll address reassembly tomorrow as it's nows 3am and I have a meeting in the morning.


Re: Honda Express Starter Spring Replacment

Jonas Quimby /

These "safety screws" are "Safety" Torx screws. You can purchase a "safety" Torx driver that has a hole cut into the tip for removing said screws. Otherwise you can drill/pry the nubs out.

Just FYI.

Re: Honda Express Starter Spring Replacment


I am working on a

Honda Express 1980 model. The starter wind-up pedal will move only a little, wirh significant spring tendion against it. The spring appears to not only be in tact, but wound tight, but, will not release. The motor turns freely.Any suggestions? How does the spring normally release to turn the notor over?? I am not familliar with this beast, but would love to get it running again. Is it safe to disassemble while wound up??Any way to release the tension?? Thanks, Ron

Re: Honda Express Starter Spring Replacment

Scott Schmidt /

i know this is old as dirt. but never came back to tell me what to do now?

really just want to know how tight to re wind the spring on the re install.

to install replacement spring

Scott Schmidt /,3515256

there isnt any info on this. here is my process.

Re: Honda Express Starter Spring Replacment

Rob GasketFace /

> I'll address reassembly tomorrow as it's now 3am and I have a meeting in the morning.

Did anyone else notice that this guy who had been posting for a year stopped posting the same day he declared plans to reassemble the NC50 Spring of Death?

RIP Matt Freeman, we hardly knew ye.

Anyway, I'm planning to remove my spring tomorrow. Wish me luck. If I perish, I've instructed my gf to post all my peds on Buy/Sell.

Anyone have tips on removing the spring safely? (edited)

Re: Honda Express Starter Spring Replacment

if the spring is already busted it should be rather safe. installing the new one could get dicey though! good luck I hope you retain a majority of your fingers.

Re: Honda Express Starter Spring Replacment

Rob GasketFace /

It's not busted, so it's holding some tension.

I was thinking of removing the torx screws carefully, then prying the plate and spring off with a long stick so I can keep my distance.

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