express nc50 rusty gas tank

Hello, my express nc-50 has a very rusty gas tank. I ran about 200 miles with it since i got it and had no troubles. But i'm pretty sure its only gonna get worse. How would I go about getting the tank off without screwing anything else up (gas line, wires, rack, exc.) and cleaning the rust out? I'm really all about the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" theory, but i think this is something i should take care of. Thanks.


Re: express nc50 rusty gas tank

Jonas Quimby /

The tank is fairly easy to remove. Just disconnect everything (coupla hoses and some wires) and unbolt the chrome cage from the back of the bike. Then you can pop the tank out through the opening.

I cant suggest too much for rust repair, but I do have a spare red tank from an '81 if you want to go that way.

Re: express nc50 rusty gas tank

Bill Rounion /

Hello, I know the problem. I use Muriatic acid, concrete cleaner, full strength. Don't fill the tank, just enough to slouch

around.Depending on how bad the rust is, this could take some time. Keep checking as you don't want a hole in the tank. Shake it up often, when finished, rinse out with soda water.

Be careful with the acid, watch your eyes!! Also some motor cycle shops have a kit for rusty tanks

Re: express nc50 rusty gas tank

The best way is the KREEM KIT, $30 on E-bay... comes with instructions, very simple, works great!


Re: express nc50 rusty gas tank

Steve Williams /

if it is the original k1 model like we had here in the u.k. then watch out for the tank divider rusting through,because the oil tank and fuel tank are both in the tank when the divider goes you end up with a 3-1 petroil mix going to the carb which is obviously never going to run it.

Re: express nc50 rusty gas tank

Hi i was wondering if you still had that tank by chance? if you do how much do you want for it. and the inside isn't rusty is it?

Re: express nc50 rusty gas tank

does any one have a gas/oil tank that will fit on a 1978 honda express that isn't rusty on the inside?

Re: express nc50 rusty gas tank Very easy and effective way to go.

Re: express nc50 rusty gas tank


soda water? you mean the same stuff we clean clothes with?

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