Hi ok i have just rebuilt my engine .i have replaced my main crank bearings,auto loom,clutch plate,baral and piston and rings, the engine is built now but wont run. The first time i put it in my bike and reconnected everything eg carb 2stroke spark plug petrol it ran for about 3 times the just cut out now it wont start at all sometimes it try-s but wont actually start i have cleaned the carb jets etc

has anyone got any idea how i can solve this problem or what it could be........

this bike is a yamaha cw spy 1997 ??

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See Ya Moped Army /

It's a scooter, not a moped. Try

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Yes, and if it has that stinkin' vacuum fed fuel line, make sure you got it bled out and fuel is getting to the carb. don-ohio

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Nolan Gherity /

1.check for spark

2.check for gas in the float bowl.

2a. because gas in the fuel line does not mean that gas is getting into the carb.

3. If the tank has the vacuum fed fuel line (don-ohio) there is a bladder in the petcock that may be torn.

4.If you do not have spark your points may be closed or if it is electronic ignition you may be out of time or loose so it is searching for a compression stroke.

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