oxidation in my carb

Well , yesterday I opened a carb to find it was holdin a load of crack, it just dumped out like gas should.

I guess it is water oxidation, but how do I get rid of it, I tryed soaking it in gas overnight, and tried chipping it with a screwdriver, but the stuff is really hard. Flaky white crap everywhere, g

Re: oxidation in my carb

Maybe boil it in water? Carb cleaner? I know what you are talking about. I just took the time with a series of screwdrivers and scraped it off my carb once. But, if its bad, I'd try one of the above methods. Someone else might be able to help you better.

Re: oxidation in my carb

Don Pflueger /

carb cleaner is the best bet. soak it for about a half hour. and by soaking it, i mean use the liquid carb cleaner, not the spray. actually immerse it and let it sit.

Re: oxidation in my carb

if you go to Pepboys look for "berryman" "chem dip and parts cleaner" it comes in a paint can with a small removable dipping tray. THe sit is rediculiouls it take off anything, i use it to strip paint, eatunwanted plastic insersa and of course clean carbs. IT is made by the same people who make the B-12 chemtool.


Re: oxidation in my carb

See Ya Moped Army /

I use a Dremel with a small wire brush attachement. That stuff is nearly impervious chemicals.

Re: oxidation in my carb

yup, my dremel hasn't failed me yet....lol

ofcourse, clean it really well with carb cleaner afterwards, like donp said.

Re: oxidation in my carb

John Joedicke /

Try CLR cleaner.

Re: oxidation in my carb

That is residual from gas additives.

If you use a Dremel to polish it out, wear a mask and don't breath that stuff, really nasty chem.

Get yourself some vinyl mechanics gloves and some masks and do the hazmat work in well ventilated areas.

Some Old mopeds brake pads still used asbestos. Don't use compressed air to blow out the brake linings, use a damp cloth (not oiled) to wipe out the brake linings

Gas/Oil mix that has turned to varnish in the tank and carb is nasty stuff to clean out.

White powdery stuff in carb is gas additive residual

Re: oxidation in my carb

i agree..

Carbs are die-cast from a primarily zinc alloy (pot metal/white metal). Zinc oxide is white. Although the oxide dissolves in both acids and bases, the base metal may also dissolve depending on strength and composition of the bath.

CLR is probably the safest thing to use. It's just a dilute mix of mild acids, mostly phosphoric. If it wasn't so expensive i'd go get some just to play with it.

Re: oxidation in my carb

John Joedicke /

There are also lots of house brands of this stuff, cheaper than CLR

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