batavus lost spark during transport BRAIN BOGGLER!

I hauled this batavus moped that had spark down the highway about 10 miles in a car and unloaded it. After that the moped did not have spark. What happened probably happened?

Did I knock a point loose or something?

I don't think its not a loose wire because I checked all the wires, anybody have any ideas? is this common?

I think the moped losing spark has to do with the haul but doesn't a moped experience the same amount of vibration while being ridden normally? Thanks.

Re: batavus lost spark during transport BRAIN BOGG

You pulled a wire loose somewhere taking it in and out of the car. Maybe broke a light bulb..???.

Re: batavus lost spark during transport BRAIN BOGG

I checked all the wires and the two bulbs and everything looked good. I also filed the points.

What I haven't done is spray contact cleaner on there. It was 16.99 for a can at my local hardware store. WIll Brakleen work?


Re: batavus lost spark during transport BRAIN BOGG

What are you filing points for? You dumped the bike in a truck or car and pulled it out and something got tweaked during the process.

You are doin stuff that is totally unrelated to something that might happen by lifting the bike and bouncing it around a little.. i get the feeling there's more to this story.

Did this bike actually run before you moved it or did it "get spark" but not actually run?

Re: batavus lost spark during transport BRAIN BOGG

Don Pflueger /

hauling it did nothing to it. more likely what the other guys have said, you knocked a wire loose, a tail light bulb went bad, the kill switch got screwed up, or it flooded and the plug is just fouled and needs to be replaced. there is a batavus service manual at in the moped repair area. it has a nice wire diagram that you can use to trace the problem down. if not, i may have it in all my dealers literature and shop manuals. but i will need to know which model bike you have and whether you have the laura m48 or laura m56 engine. the manual on should fix you up tho.

Re: batavus lost spark during transport BRAIN BOGG

The moped didn't run because it had a filthy carb. IT did run when it wasx parked about 5 months ago. It was in my friends backyard. The day before I hauled it we checked to see if it had spark and it did.

I just started doing stuff I know one does when a moped doesn't have spark

I'm jsut going to go through the simple stuff again and see if I missed something.

Re: batavus lost spark during transport BRAIN BOGG

I hadn't run my bike for a couple months. It wouldn't start .. finally coughed and spit a little and then just died. Attempts to restart just fouled the plug so there was no spark after that.

The trouble was just a tiny bit of crap in the float bowl, floating around and partially blocking the main jet.

Gasoline oxidizes when it sits around. The carb gets a coating of that reddish stuff and when fuel finally gets moving again pieces of it peel off.

Beyond the normal checks involving the ignition, try a new plug.. cleaning old dirty ones is a hit-and-miss proposition. I bet a new plug and a clean carb will get it going.

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