Carb leakin after it sits a while? Petcock?

Clyde Stewart /

I have an 82 Fa50 Suzuki.

And the emulation tube that you can see coming out the bottom of the carb bowl is leaking small amounts of fuel out at a time over nite.. about the size of a plate after sitting all nite.

I took it to the repair shop they said it was the petcock valve.

Does this sound right?

If pressure were building up in tank and causing it to get pushed into the carb and overflow ( or flood ) the carb it seems to me it would be because the gas cap not venting the pressure?

Also, when i first got this thing i took the carb off to clean it out and my father was looking at it and he turned the bowl upside down and he said something like a small ballbearing HE THINKS came out of the long hole on the side of the tube that allows fuel to come into the bowl on the side.....but he couldn't find anything when he looked down for it.

IS there a ball bearing that is suppose to be in there?


Re: Carb leakin after it sits a while? Petcock?

Don Pflueger /

its not the petcock that is bad, its the needle and seat in the carb. otherwise known as the fuel valve. do a search on here for leaking carbs. ive listed numerous times what causes it.

Re: Carb leakin after it sits a while? Petcock?

clyde, check out the post i did in the post where u wanted to buy a petcock, i know that qwhat it is, i had to repair mine cause of that, it was doing the same thing.

Re: Carb leakin after it sits a while? Petcock?

It might look like a ball bearing as it bounces off the table to be lost forever.. but it was probably the float needle, a tiny brass metal thing.

Normally, the float rises and pushes this needle-valve-part into the long hole-tube thing on the underside of the float bowl cavity. This shuts off fuel flow into the float bowl when the fuel level in the bowl rises to the proper height.

Without a float needle there's nothing to prevent fuel from constantly flowing into the bowl and eventually overflowing.

The bike might run (badly, since the float level is unregulated) if fuel flow is already slow because of a filthy carb or partially clogged fuel line ... but only closing the main petcock will stop the fuel leak. Or the engine could get so flooded that it cant run at all.

Check the carb and see if the float needle is still there. If not, find that part and rebuild and clean the carb .. or get another carb that has all it's parts.

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