Honda pa50II

Richard Wisniewski /

im working on a honda pa50II 1980 and im having a problem figuring some eletrical.

I understand what all the wires do(checked volt meter) brakes light switches, on off,ect.

I do not understand what looks like to be is a relay with 3 wires and its maybe a inch thick and a inch wide.

this box has one die open and it is factory installed but it looks like shinyish plastic.

looks like a relay or something.

could this be a resistor?

-thanx for the help


there are 3 wire that come out of the motor red,black,and yellowish

any help?

Re: Honda pa50II

it's called a silicon rectifier

if you wanna know where to plug it, check out the pa50 manual here

hope that helps


Re: Honda pa50II

According to this page, the Hobbit / PA50 didn't get a battery and CDIgnition untill 1981 when the yellow color was dropped and bikes were red. .. So the wiring information in the manual g.b. linked won't be quite right.. The rest of the manual is very helpful.

"Here": is a 1978 PA50 wiring diagram that should be correct.

Re: Honda pa50II

Richard Wisniewski /


i think i have like a 81 motor and a 1980 frame is that bad?

Re: Honda pa50II

you think? what makes you think it.. mid-year production models are sometimes dated wrongly .. maybe you actually have a '81? That page about Honda mopeds i posted should have enough info to determine the actual model/year.

i've not had the privilage of owning a later PA50 with CDI and can't offer specific help if that engine's electrical doesn't match the bike's..

Re: Honda pa50II

Richard Wisniewski /

Okey jOew i figureed it out i got al;l the wiring pluged and working . Thank you for your time

THanx Rich

Re: Honda pa50II

cool.. btw, just for future reference, does that bike have CDI?

Re: Honda pa50II

Richard Wisniewski /

i dont understand cdi

i have an extrenal coil and magneto with points does that answer your question?

Re: Honda pa50II

yes. CDI is Capacitor Discharge Ignition or something like that.. it replaces the points with a magnet / pick-up system that electronically activates the spark.

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