curiosity would it be normal better w/o exhaust?

would it be normal for a moped to operate better without exhaust I know I've been posting questions about exhaust and stuff all day but what I'm wondering is I think my stock pip is just clogged cause it only does about 5mph with the stock exhaust and about 35-40 without the exhaust. would a clogged pipe cause this? I wanted to update to the new techno esotril but I'm wondering if I update might it be possible that the bike would slow down again or would you guys suspect the stock pipe is clogged too?

curiosity would it be normal better w/o exhaust?

Yes, your stock pipe might be clogged if there is that large a difference. Might check the header and baffle for evidence of clogging. You should not ride without an exhaust. The Estoril is a good pipe, I'd go for it.

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