I'm fixing up an old ped. I went so far as to get a new throttle but the throttle still won't "Snap back" when you roll on it and let go. It just stays where I rolled it to.

Is this bad? If so, reccomendations on how to fix it? Do I need to replace the spring in the carb? new throttle cable?

Re: Throttle

Different mopeds have different throttles, What year, make and model?

Re: Throttle

Xyplestop Florbledo /

On mine I split the housing and after oiling the cable, oiled the groove the throttle turns in.

A little 20-50 goes a long way

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same thing happened to me.

the cable was stuck!...

remove the cable, and lube it really well

should work


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when i twist my throttle i can only feel the resistance of the spring after it has been displaced about 5mm in my hand, and so far I have been unable to achieve over 34mph. The day i bought it from the previous owner it topped out at around 40mph. I'd like to know which screw or nut i would have to twist to make sure i actually starts _pulling_ as soon as i grab the throttle. btw lubrication is not a problem everything is smooth

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what kind of carb do you have?

if it's a butterfly kind like on my honda pa50, you only have to loosen the screw that attaches the cable to the carb, and stretch the cable to it's maximum, and then re-screwing the screw...

if it's another kind of carb, i'll let this to someone else


but probably that your cable stretched with time...

now it's longer and this causes the problem...

i dont know

Re: Throttle

Pat Mycrotch /

It's an '87 Sachs SIS(Minor). It's got a 505/1D.

Is it normal that the throttle doesn't come back on it's own? I asked that BJ guy from Handybikes what I needed and this was the throttle he gave me. If anyone knows what to use, that guy will.

Like, if I was to roll on the throttle, the trottlw would stay open if I took my hand off it. Is this bad?

Re: Throttle

i have a 14mm bing carb

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