Ignition coil

What causes an ignition coil to crap-out, and is it possible to rebuild one so that it will work again?

Re: Ignition coil

Don Pflueger /

coils rarely go bad. if they do its because

1) it was hit hard which broke a winding

2) it has a crack in the casing which allowed moisture in, caused from being hit

3) there was a massive power surge which burned it up

4)carb cleaner was used to clean it. carb cleaner melts the protective coating on the windings making them short out5) it has a crack in the casing which allowed the oil to leak out, then it overheated and burned up. this only applies to high performance coils and is caused by a hit

6)the plug boot is bad

7) the plug wire is bad

8) the coils ground is rusty

9) something is not wired right

10) points and condensor are bad, misadjusted, or improperly gapped

coils can be rewound, but its cheaper and easier just to buy a new one.

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