Petcock hole nut stripped,YEah!

benji and i popped off a cock today, too put a new one on, and the damn hole was stripped when we tried to put the new one on. Maxi.

What could we do, to rethread, petcock power.

Re: Petcock hole nut stripped,YEah!

I had that problem once, I never fixed it, but I came up with some ideas.

1- plummers tape. wrap a layer or 2 around the threads on the petcock and try to screw it in hey, it works with water.

2- JB weld. You may never be able to get it off again, but I bet it would work great

3- Expensive professional approach. get a pro to make a bigger hole with new threads, get a bigger petcock. (try not to spend more than the moped cost)

Re: Petcock hole nut stripped,YEah!

when you meant "popped off" did you mean unscrewed or popped off. because if you popped it off, then thats how you stripped the threads.

Re: Petcock hole nut stripped,YEah!

use two hose clamps and an inch long peice of hose.

Re: Petcock hole nut stripped,YEah!

DON"T LOOSE ANY PARTS!!! I let a small piece of something roll down my driveway and it disappeared into the grass, the petcock pissed out all my fuel until i clogged it up with a rubbur stopper and plastic. Had to purchase a new petcock :(

Re: Petcock hole nut stripped,YEah!


works like magic.

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