Honda SH50 - back wheel spins forever!

Whenever I start my ped (and it's on centre stand), the back wheel begins to spin and the engine sounds like it's revving, but I'm not giving it any throttle.

Is this an automatic choke? I'm not sure... but I know that on a couple of other peds when the bike is started from cold the back wheel will spin for a short while then stop, mine keeps going (and revving) for upto 5 minutes before calming down and coming to a stop...

After riding for a while I can put it on the centre stand and then the wheel doesn't spin at all, but if I come back to it a few minutes later and start it up again (with the engine still warm) it will spin for about 5 minutes again.

I don't wait for it to stop everytime of course, I just usually pull the back brake, take it off center stand and ride it. I was just wondering if the back wheel is supposed to spin for that long, and if not, what can I do to fix it?

Re: Honda SH50 - back wheel spins forever!

Once the engine warms up idle speed should remain low.

Idle speed / air-fuel mix should be set when the engine is hot.. idle speed will then be low. When the bike is cold, idle will be higher, but it slows down as the bike warms up..

If your engine is warm and idle is inconsistant, sometimes high and sometimes correctly low, check for badly adjusted or sticking linkage or throttle grip friction or cable or choke or something else is hanging up.. Check for vacuum and fuel leaks. (when the bike sits some extra fuel might be getting into the engine)

It seems like your carb's idle is adjusted properly. Something else is acting on the idle speed when it shouldn't.

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