2-peice biturbo

I am trying to install the two-peice biturbo kit and I'm having a problem: I can't get the clasp to tighen the muffler to the header tight enough that it can't be remove by hand. I've jammed a strip of plumber's strap inside and tightened it so tight the bolt broke in two but it still wouldn't get tight enough.

Is it suppose to be that loose? Does it sound like my kit's defetive? Anyone?

Re: 2-peice biturbo

I have had that same problem. The easiest thing to do is to fit the pipe and muffler on the bike and scribe a mark on the header where they come together for a good fit. Then,.....weld that SOB together, as the clamps suck on those things.

Hope this helps you .......Big Filley

Re: 2-peice biturbo

Pat Mycrotch /

Thanks, I also learned that after you have it welded is a bad time to reinstall the chain and find out that the chain rubs on the pipe and you'll have to cut your nicely welded muffler apart and start again. Word to your mother.

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