Is this wierd?

On my ped i justfinshed up rebuilding, i cleaned the carb and stuff wich was sitting in a junkyard for about 3-5 years, it seems that the only way it will stay idling or even run right is if i have the air screw tightened the whole time, if i unscrew it it bogs out, if i advance the idle,, when i floor it and gfet up to fifteen, it bogs out if i hold it there, please help with any idea, thanks.!

Re: Is this wierd?

A vacuum leak can do that..

If these old bikes are mechanically complete and nothing's broken, it's just a matter of cleaning and adjusting till they run right. 99% of that is getting good fuel flow and finding and stopping any fuel and air leaks. They will run just like they did brand new.

Gaskets and O-rings dry out and shrink so Permatex 2 (non-hardening gasket sealant) comes in handy on reassembly.

Re: Is this wierd?

Clyde Stewart /

sounds like you need to clean it more

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