magnum head gasket & detuning

I've been reading all these old moped repair books I recently acquired and I'm getting rather curious about how the magnums were detuned for the american market through the use of a aluminum head gasket. I've heard say that some puch engines don't even need a head gasket, but what's the truth of the matter? I've got three magnums I'm interested in getting in tip top, and I'd like to get rid of anything slowing them down.

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Some used an aluminum plate about 1.5mm thick. Others used a aluminium foil 4mm thick or a gasket. The exhaust and the porting also restricts the puch engines and possibly the intake manifold.

Re: magnum head gasket & detuning

the exhaust was a factor, but the 12mm carb/intake was a biggie also. also depending on what H.P model you had 1hp, 1.5hp, 2hp. made a difference too.

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if you find a manual it will list the different hp's and gasket thickness, i cant remember the specifics, but i think on a few different set ups, primarly the cast iron cylinders, a head gasket is not needed,

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Jason Luther /

do a search about puch exhaust and gaskets through this site. ive posted about an exhaust mod, and there is plenty of info reguarding different gaskets and other things, such as timing and carburation.-jason

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