Jawa 210

Jeremy Schaefer /

im working on a '90 210 sport 2 speed...its complete and has CDI...but no spark...all wiring is proper...will a light burning out cause this...i know nothing about this ped ...they seem uncommon...does anyone know ANYTHING about this ped...links would be helpful...so far I haven't found too many useful sites.. THANKS--Jeremy

Re: Jawa 210

Re: Jawa 210

Mike Monigold /

I had 2 of those. From my experiences:

1. Parts are very hard to find, especially if your CDI burns out.

2. They are made like a tank. Heavy but very sturdy.

3. They are pretty gutsy. I weigh in at 230 and they would haul my fat ass pretty well :).

4. I did scan and put up on the internet the repair manual. I'm not sure where it could be found now' but I'm sure it's still up somewhere.

5. As to whether or not it will run with a burned out bulb, there are many more knowledgable souls here that could shed some light on that. You might try doing a search here of Jawa owners. There are quite a number of them.

I hope this helps.

By the way, I live in Allegan, Michigan. Not too far from you I believe.

Re: Jawa 210

Hey Im completely rebuilding one of those things right now, as well. I think its a single speed though, I dont really know I got it for 27 bucks and it has no markings or paperwork. Repair manual is at www.moperiders.org under "moped repair".

Re: Jawa 210

Jeremy Schaefer /

Thanks!! You guys are really helpful

Re: Jawa 210

John Joedicke /

Besides the MRA site go to www.jawamoped.com You may find some good stuff there. J

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