tomos front face

Mike Johnson /

Does anyone have a tomos front face that is in good condition that I can buy? I will pay for shipping. thank you.

Re: tomos front face

I don't think I've ever seen a moped's "face!" What am I missing?

Re: tomos front face

Don Pflueger /

a fairing. which model? there are two types. go to and buy a new one.

Re: tomos front face

Yeah, I was just joking, sorry. I knew what you were talking about.

Re: tomos front face

Hey Brock.... you live really close to my uncle. Maby when i go to his house in the summer, i can drop by with my Bullet and SM. I always take them with me when i visit anyway. Also, do you often go to Ikes? I am gonna be at ikes all day sunday. You should try and make it down there.

Re: tomos front face

Where is he? Ike, that is. It depends. I'd have to say distance would be the greatest obstacle. But, yeah: let me know when you are around here, I'll try to have me and my "gang" meet ya somewhere.

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