DonP, you holdin' out on me!?

I hear that you have the intake manifold that I need to fit the Dellorto to my A-3! Is it true!? Also, when you comin down? If you are, I'll gladly make an even trade from the manifold for the G.B. Still chillin in my garage, it is, no problem!

Re: DonP, you holdin' out on me!?

Don Pflueger /

i MIGHT have one. i have to dig for it. if i do, its yours. i'm trying to talk patty into running me down there this weekend. she is home sick right now and said she will see how she feels this weekend. email me your address and phone number so i can call you.

Re: DonP, you holdin' out on me!?

OK! no problem! DONE.

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