magnum oil injection

today benji and I were working on a magnum and the oil injection tank still had a bit of oil in it and the bike was smokin like a banshee and smelled funny, so we drained it out and flushed the gas out, and just left the oil tub off.

Does it matter on magnums if you don't use that oil injector, also if I leave the tube off will it mess with anything, like compression or air shite. Thanks,, g

Re: magnum oil injection

yep, a banshee, very well put g.

Re: magnum oil injection

you better be premixing then!!!!

leaving the oilline off will not matter.

Re: magnum oil injection

oh yeah we're premixing, I am not mastered in moped, but I do know a few tricks.....

Re: magnum oil injection

This was the only thread i could dig up about disconnecting the oil injection on a Magnum.

Should i just disconnect the hose and be done with it? Should I take off the actual injector?

I would rather pre-mix in the tank so what is everyone doin'?


Re: magnum oil injection

I just took out the innards (make sure you fish out the little washer at the base) and am fabricating a cover plate to use after removal of the injector. I am going to use the stock gasket. You should also make sure to plug the hole in the intake or get an intake without the nipple.

Do you realize you stumbled upon an old post with communique from one benji (I believe he likes to be called Supreme Commander) from treats? Far out.


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