Excessive Oil in tank

I've slowly been repairing this old ped and one of the steps I took to halt any further rust in the gas tank(after "sanding" the inside) was to dump in a whole can of two-stroke oil and shake it around so that the entire inside was covered.

I'll drain out any oil that has pooled in the tank but if I pour a load of gas in it and try to run it as is, the first load of gas is going to be over-oiled.

Was this "not-smart" and what should I do? Should I pull off the gas line and run a few gallons through to flush out the oil or should I just put in a fresh gallon and run it till it stops smokin?

Re: Excessive Oil in tank

I doubt more than an ounce or two of oil would cling to the innards of a tank (if it's drained completely). Rinse the tank with some gasoline and save it.. add it to your next few batches.

If the tank is already refilled, just run it.. Too much oil in the fuel mix is not a problem compared to too little. Too much and you get some smoke.. too little and you toast the engine.

Invest in a Kreem kit.. motorcycle shop.

Re: Excessive Oil in tank

Ben Van Zoest /

Uh, how did you 'sand' the gas tank interior, innocent bystander wants to know!

Re: Excessive Oil in tank

A friend of mine Kremes tanks for people, he took a hand held sandblaster and used what he called "cigarette sand" to blast out the inside of the tank on a Puch

Re: Excessive Oil in tank

Pat Mycrotch /

Thanks guys!

"Sanded" - I filled the gastank with about 4 cups of sand, shook it like crazy for about 10 minutes. Then I flushed it out with water and dried it with a hairdryer.

That BJ guy from handibikes told me to do it. Actually, he may not have told me how to wash it out. I read some other posts here that said you flush it out with gas, so I might have screwed up a little, but that's why I put so much oil in it.

And that's that.

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