Liquid Metal

Has anyone use "Liquid Metal" to repair a cylinder barrel?

The reason I ask is because the moped I trying to restore has one of the exhaust bolt holes broken off the cylinder casting. Apparently this stuff can be applied and be drilled and tapped like normal metal and withstand heat of up to 350 degrees F.

Re: Liquid Metal

Forget about of any sort of adhesive or plastic bonding agent regardless of what the manufacturer might claim.. Nobody is gonna claim their product is suitable for repairing a broken engine casting and support an exhaust system. Aside from really high temperature resistance (exhaust gases are around 1600+F)a lot of hot-strength is required.

I guess you still have the piece that broke off?

Take the cylinder to a machine shop and get some ideas about repairing it. There could be room to drill and tap for a new stud..

Cast iron can be welded but the part requires pre-heating and post-heating in an oven. A cylinder is small and that's a 'plus'.

Make some phone calls..

Re: Liquid Metal

Thanks for the reply Jim, unfortunately I dont have the bit that broke off . I have found a replacement cylinder for sale at but its $163!! and for a QT50 not a MS50 which I have, but they look to share the same engine components.I still might try this Liquid metal though as its only about $12 over here.

Re: Liquid Metal

Richard Wisniewski /


I work in a shop that would cost you 20+the price of the stud.

go to a Industrial store that sells nuts and bolts like Brofasco,i think thats how its spelled and get a grade 6-7stud.

grade 8 may be to brittle and the vibration from the motor will cause the bolt to snap when your taking it out.(brittle)

When buying the stud see if they have one with an allen key cut at the end. this is much easier to work with.

match the diameter of the Existing studs to match the your getting(bring a stud with you /cylinder

after you have your parts!

go to a machine shop and they will know what to do.

dont let them ripp you off to much.


Re: Liquid Metal

Jason Luther /

alumaloy, anyone see the infomercial for that stuff?

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the aluminum brazing sticks? It works pretty good (on aluminum). A local cheap-o tool store sells them for about $8 for a package of 20 sticks.

I have some and played with it.. found it's easy to overheat and melt the base part. But if you can get the base up to the temperature required and apply the rod without screwing up, the weld is ok.

The commercials show people who have practiced a lot. I don't doubt it can work as advertized.

Re: Liquid Metal

just keep an eye on ebay. I see all motobecane engine parts I ever need all the time. I bet the parts you need are more common.

Re: Liquid Metal

Jason Luther /

thats cheap, they wanted like $50 for half a pound. unfortunatly the only cheapo stores in my area are those that sell a cup of coffee for $4 instead of $5.


here ya go.. $5 ... lots of google hits annd you might find it in a local hardware store..

I'm looking my package of genune Alumiweld sticks.. and i did pay $7.99 for it.. About 8 sticks are left so it's probably a 10-stick pack.

Re: Liquid Metal

John Joedicke /

Used the aluminium sticks to repair a broken intake manifold. Manifold was broken through the bolt hole area. Welded it up with these sticks and machined down flat and drilled out the hole again to mount. Perfect and fast repair that you can do at home.

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