Tomos NewB Questions-

Hi all, I'm new to the Tomos moped world, and new to this forum. I must say- it looks like it's going to be a great resource!

I just picked up a 2000 Tomos Targa- I'm not sure of the exact model- it looks like the LX, except the side covers are missing. It's got a kick start and a biturbo pipe. Odometer reads 6400mi. It had sat for a while when I bought it, and wasn't running, so yesterday I went through it- tore down and cleaned the carb, airfilter, checked the oil pump, drained and refilled the tank, re-gapped the plug, and she fired right up. It runs well, but it I have some questions-

1) Sounds like it might need a new piston- it was tapping a bit when cold- I'm thinking it might be the piston slapping the cylinder wall?

2) How can I tell if this is the stock head/displacement? It is stamped TOMOS. If I need a new piston, is it worth going to a 70cc kit or otherwise? Which is best? What's involved? How much?

3) Admittedly, I did not check the tranny oil before running it- I read how to do that this morning, and will definately flush and refill next time I get to the bike. When I was riding it, it pulled quite well in first, but made was whining loudly in the process. As soon as it shifted into 2nd, the whining went away. Is that normal? Or is this a fluid problem?

4) It seemed to shift into 2nd way too early. It pulled well for a short time, then kicked into second, and bogged. Again, is this a fluid problem? Or might there be something else to look at.

5) I'm going to need to pick up a few parts here and there as I clean her up and make it better than new again. Where is a good place to go for gaskets, bodywork, filters, etc?

Sorry for all the questions- I'm not new to bikes (I roadrace a GSXR600) just new to the Tomos. Hopefully in a little while I'll be able to contribute to help out the new guys.

Thanks in advance-


Re: Tomos NewB Questions-

Don Pflueger /

1) pull the head and clean the carbon from the piston top and head. if the bike hasnt seen much maintenance, it may be built up enought that it is actually hitting. upon reassem

bly, retorque the bolts to 10 ft/lbs. no more!

@) the original head is used with a 70cc kit. stock bore is 38mm. if you need a new top end, then yes a 70cc kit is best to go with. the airsal kit is most popular.

3) these trannies shift at around 15-17 mph. they are very critical of fluid levels and type. use type F or typa A suffix A only.

4) see number 3

5) is the best place for tomos parts. is the best place for aftermarket parts. and we have free service and owners manuals posted at in the moped repair area.

Re: Tomos NewB Questions-

BTW: a little clanking or ticking when ideling is pretty normal. if it's REAL bad then you might have a problem.

Re: Tomos NewB Questions-

Don Pflueger /

normal? no, it should be smooth and fairly quiet. none of my tomos make tranny noises.

Re: Tomos NewB Questions-

just a click, click, click every once in a while is normal. not tranny noise, but noise from the cylinder head from the compression. like... pinging from pre-ignition that kind noise

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