POR 15

How much better really is Por 15,,

i got 20 mopeds that need a cleaning, do you think Kreme or Por 15, and specs,, thanks.....

i was thinking just stick a toilet brush cleaner down there and scrub a dub, then slaushing gas around in there a few times, and draining, repeat, throw on a fuel filter, and wallah, solutions...?

Re: POR 15

well , i know for a fact that you buy the por 15 in bulk and not the kreem.

i would say that por 15 is a better product but, kreeem has never failed me

Re: POR 15

With 20 tanks it might be worth it to investigate some alternative methods of tank de-rusting. I've never tried it but i have messed around with small scale metal plating. The setup and supplies for experimenting with electrolysis are very basic stuff and easy to do and results are very effective .. For tanks you'd need a battery charger and a length of rebar and some wire..

Google: rust removal electrolytic

As far as POR 15, Kreem, and other coatings .. The idea is to block oxygen and/or water from coming into contact with existing rust particles.. I'd choose depending on the cost, availablity, environment, methods of preparation and ease of application on a particular job.. Kreem is popular with bike tanks because it satisfies a lot of the requirements and it works.

Just an unbroken coating of oil prevents rust from growing and spreading.. Of course oil won't work in a gasoline tank (environment) for long but it illustrates the idea.

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