i think i have some water in my fuel tank

what does this mean for my motor

how can i fix this

how can i know thats the problem for sure

Re: water

You dont describe the problem so there's no way to guess if water is the cause of the problem.

Water gets into a fuel tank in a couple ways. Condensation happens in all tanks. Large amounts of water that collect in a tank can cause misfires or kill the engine, but small amounts get burned up. A bad gas cap, gasket or vent can also allow water into the tank.

The fix is to drain the tank completely and add fresh fuel. Most tanks do not drain completely just using the petcock outlet. Petcocks might stick up into a tank an inch or more. By whatever method, the tank should be empty before refilling..

Alcohol based water removers (Auto parts store) work by mixing alcohol with water.. then gasoline can mix with the alcohol/water mixture.. and then everything gets burned up in the engine. But this is expensive compared to draining the wattery fuel and filling with fresh gasoline.

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