Tomos Transmission Oil?

i bought my targa used & i dont have a manual, otherwise i would look it up, can someone please tell me where the Transmission oil goes and how to tell if it is low?( im not talking about the oil under the seat,or is the same oil going to the transmittion as the engine?) i cant seem to find a sight glass. please help i am very confused! THANKS

Re: Tomos Transmission Oil?

Don Pflueger /

i just posted this in another thread, so i copied and pasted it here.

tomos trannies are very critical with fluid level and type. there is a level screw on the lower right hand side of the engine. make sure the bike is standing level and remove this screw. if oil drips out, then let it drip til it stops. if nothing drips out you need to add some thru the screw on the top right hand side of the engine until oil drips out. use type F or type A suffix A only.

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