TOMO Transmission

David Sherritze /

I am relatively new to Mopeds.

I bought a new 2004 TOMOS Revival for my teenage daughter. Which we are still breaking in.

I noticed that when driving 20-25 and letting off the gas to decelerate and stop, the bike is jerky until it downshifts to 1st.

Is this normal? If not what might I look for?

Re: TOMO Transmission

Don Pflueger /

tomos trannies are very critical with fluid level and type. there is a level screw on the lower right hand side of the engine. make sure the bike is standing level and remove this screw. if oil drips out, then let it drip til it stops. if nothing drips out you need to add some thru the screw on the top right hand side of the engine until oil drips out. use type F or type A suffix A only.

Re: TOMO Transmission

You have to take off the air box first though to get to the filling bolt.

Will Laing


Re: TOMOS Transmission

David Sherritze /

Warmed up Revival

Pulled off side covers.

Removed Air Cleaner.

Removed all three screws, and drained the fluid.

Replaced lower drain screw and filled with Castrol Type F ATF until it started to drain out of the side screw hole.

Replaced and tighted all 3 screws

Replaced Air Cleaner and side cover

Drove for about 10 K no noticable difference.

Runs fine. Upshifts about 13 mph. But when decelerating or stopping at about 20 MPH until it down shifts to 1st at about 13, the Moped is jerky and shutters.

I am going to check the chain tension but I doubt that is it.

Local dealer (only one in about 200 miles) is a used car dealer and is absolutely no help.

Re: TOMOS Transmission

Don Pflueger /

how many miles are on this bike? for some reason i was thinking you bought it new.

Re: TOMOS Transmission

David Sherritze /

Currently has 73 Kilometers. Not even broke in yet

Re: TOMOS Transmission

Don Pflueger /

give it time to break in then. some things will change over time. if it has not after 250-300 km, then have it looked at.

Re: TOMOS Transmission

someone who's not familiar with mopeds can't really judge whats normal. Almost all 2-speeds suffer from shudder and vibration when shifting.

Shifting occurs at low engine rpm (RPM drops during the shift) where power to accelerate is lacking. The transmission tends to have a hard time deciding which gear it belongs in at the shift point since the bike instantly loses road speed as gears disengage and the tranny attempts to shift upwards. Sometimes it gets stuck in shift-point limbo for a few seconds or rapidly goes back and forth between gears

The clutches are centrifugal and there is often little or no relationship between where it automatically shifts and where it should shift. Changing shift point rpm/road speed with a different tranny oil sometimes helps getting the bike up some particular hill.

The sensitivity of the clutch surface's grabbing power to the tranny fluid's particular slipperiness and viscosity and it can all add up to what seems like a very abnormal problem, but might be perfectly normal.

Downshifting shudder reverses the direction of the stresses and strains on transmission components but i have no doubt the same factors are responsible.

Re: TOMOS Transmission

If you're getting a violent resistant drag,oin and off, I'd make sure you have the exact fluid specified.

If it continues,inform the dealer,ESPECIALLY if it's still under warranty.

It shouldn't shudder at all during an upshift, with the throttle applied. It is more likely to shudder during a downshift.

don-ohio (:^D

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