cant get tomos to start

Brandon Kreis /

i just got an 89 tomos but we can not get it to start. we got a new spark plug, took the whole engine out and cleaned the carb. it is getting gas and compression, and it is getting spark but the spark doesnt seem consistent. could it be the coil or is there something else i should check?



Re: cant get tomos to start

try cleaning (gently, slightly, barely filing) the little metal pads on the points so they make good contact.

other than that, check all ignition wires (and maybe other wires).. look for a loose wire or corrosion inside a connector or a bad ground (loose screw).. corrosion of some sort or anything that prevents good contact somewhere.

Re: cant get tomos to start

Jeff Strahle /

check your spark plug wire from the cap to the ignition coil, thats what was happening on my a-3.

Re: cant get tomos to start

Don Pflueger /

how much compression? is the exhaust port and exhaust clean? are the points clean and gapped at .014"-.016"? coils rarely go bad so if anything i would check the condensor and points.

Re: cant get tomos to start

Yeha, I'd check the condenser.

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