Difference between 1978 & 1979 Honda Express C

Is there a difference between the Carburator of a 1978 and 1979 Honda Express?

Was there a change in the motors between these two years or should the parts (specifically the carb) be interchangable? The 1978 (which I have) has a manual choke, but am not sure if the 1979 does.

The reason why I am asking is because I need to replace may carb because it seems to leak out when it's not running. I've cleaned it out and replaced the O rings and such and it's just not working properly. Anyone know the reason or what I can do?

Re: Difference between 1978 & 1979 Honda Expre

Sounds like a worn float-needle (or dirty needle seat) might not be shutting off fuel flow to the bowl, so it overflows and leaks all the time.

provide more clues by explaining " _and it’s just not working properly_ "

Re: Difference between 1978 & 1979 Honda Expre

Jonas Quimby /

The float itsself often leaks, so gas gets in and it no longer floats. That and a bad float seal will cause the carb to overflow and leak.

On top of this the Express is VERY touchy about it's carb screws. One slightly wrong adjustment and the bike runs like crap.

Now if you still want to replace it, a 1979 carb will work just fine. It wasnt until 1980 or 1981 that they introduced the auto choke.

In fact, you'll probably get a better carb if you use one from a 1979. If I recall correctly, the '79 has a replacable main jet whereas the 78 )or at least mine) doesnt. This means you'll have even more to struggle with adjusting!

Re: Difference between 1978 & 1979 Honda Expre


thanks for your responses. Like I said, when the motor shuts off, the carb leaks out fuel. Otherwise, after a little adjustment, it seems to work fine. The motor runs and everything seems okay. It's justs that it leaks out the fuel when stopped.

If it is a dirty or faulty float or float seat, how could I repair this? Can I do it myself, are there any replacement bits?

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Jonas Quimby /

Many places will sell you a float needle that fits if you bring them the old one. Likewise the float itsself is usually still available.

To replace it is fairly simple. You just take off your air filter box, the metal shroud over the engine (if you have yours) and disconnect everything from the carburator. Then unbolt the carburator, unscrew the bottom half of it and there's your float and float needle.

If you unscrew the 1 screw holding the float and needle in place, you can clean the area real well to rule gunk out.

Then hold the float itsself in a cup of water, turning it around a few times. Pull it out and look at it up to a light/shake it next to your ear to see if there's water in it. If so, it's time to replace.

If it's fine though, you're needle has probably just worn and isnt sealing any more. A whole $2 item at a lot of places.

Of course before you do all this I'd ask just where the gas is leaking from. If it's pouring out the overflow tube that runs down the front of the transmission, then I'm guessing the float's the problem. But if it's leaking down the sides of the carburator I'd suggest replacing the bowl gasket.

Re: Difference between 1978 & 1979 Honda Expre

Xyplestop Florbledo /

My 1980 has a manual choke, and they shoud be the same from 76-80

Looked the same on the 78 I was looking at too.

Re: Difference between 1978 & 1979 Honda Expre

Xyplestop Florbledo /

it was 81 I have an 80 and its a manual

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