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My 1991 tomos golden bullet consumes gas way to fast it seems. I filled it last weekend and during the week didn't ride it all that much, and today after for riding for a while, it was down to a quarter of a tank. I know i dodn't have that much compression cause my rings are old, but could worn rings be the problem for it using so much gas? Thanks in advance


Re: Gas consumption

Calculate your miles per gallon and then compare that to the specs in the owner's manual. A wild goose chases when there is no goose is the worst kind.

Re: Gas consumption

Poor gas milage comes from things like a slipping clutch or drive belt, dragging brakes, worn gears or bearings, wrong ignition timing, badly adjusted float or leaky carburetor, clogged exhaust... idling a lot, running at top speed a lot, windy conditions and hilly terrain, carrying a lot of weight..

As far as rings, i cant see where worn rings will do it.

If anything, the low friction of well worn rings might increase gas milage... unless rings are so bad the bike obviously doesn't have any power at all.

Re: Gas consumption

I'd watch your Mom and Dad. They may be siphoning it for there cars. High price gas!! :>)

Re: Gas consumption

Another thing to add to Joe's list is a restricted air filter. ALSO don't forget Joe said clogged exhaust. don-ohio

Re: Gas consumption

hmm.. it seems that joew forgot more than a couple.. another one is low tire pressure.

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