slow gas leak from tank itself

I have a slow gas leak from the tank itself on my 1984 step through bullet. what should I do to solve the problem? The leak near the lowest level where gas sits and is facing upwards.

Re: slow gas leak from tank itself

Ben Van Zoest /

Best to fix it quick before you get a fire..

Re: slow gas leak from tank itself

is it rusted through?

J.B. weld!

or drop a match in the tank. i don't think you'll have any problems after that.

Re: slow gas leak from tank itself

Low temperature solder is probably the best fix for pinholes if you know how to prepare (clean and flux) the metal surface and if you observe all precautions before applying heat or a flame (!!!!) to a gas tank. Instead of a propane torch, a really big, hot soldering iron might get things hot enough. (This is how a previous owner patched a large portion of the underside of my rusted PA50 tank)

Yeah.. JBWeld epoxy filler is another option.. careful surface prep is still required. The local auto-parts store probably has fuel tank patch kits that include fiberglass patch material as well as some form of epoxy bonding agent that is specifically formulated to resist gasoline and alcohol , something that JBWeld may not be the best at.

It might be really hard to find a professional welder who's willing to work on a used fuel tank.. and if you do it's gonna cost money.

Re: slow gas leak from tank itself

See Ya Moped Army /

If you have one rust hole, chances are there are more ready to spring leaks. Check the tank closely for other weak spots. Weak spots look like paint bubbles. Poke around with a nail on any spots that look suspicious. JB weld works real well on rust holes.

Re: slow gas leak from tank itself

Its hard to tell where the leak is coming from, gas just seems to coat the bottom eighth of my tank and some of my frame.

Is there a special type of JB weld to use?


this is your former bullet, the gray one you sold travis. Was that tank rusty? Did you acid treat it?

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