how do i rethread

the part where the petcock screws onto the ped's tank is kinda jacked.... i was wondering if anyone had any tips for rethreading... i may just jb weld the double thread nut on and screw the petcock on that way... any tips appreciated

Re: how do i rethread

Don Pflueger /

you need to buy a die with the same thread size and pitch.

Re: how do i rethread

They also make a file like tool that has eight different sizes. You place it over a better section of the thread and move it over to the bad section, it helps to straighten the bad section of thread. Sometimes this works better if the threads are really damaged. The dye can be hard to get started onto the original thread, especially if it is the beginning of the thread, and you can cross thread it more if not experienced with using it. been awhile since I used one, think it was a thread restorer or thread repair tool. McMaster-Carr should have it.

Re: how do i rethread

see if you can scrounge up a short metal tube or a bolt that has the correct thread..

Epoxy that piece as an extension to the tank's spigot. Attach the petcock to the extension.

Re: how do i rethread

For Metric External Bolt Threads

8 0.75,1,1.25,1.5,1.75,2,2.5, 3 mm 8309A11 $8.63

*Threads per inch.

This is the one McMaster -Carr has

Re: how do i rethread

Depending on the size of the bolt, I sometimes use a hacksaw and run it through where valleys of the bolt. Probably gonna be a bit too corse of a technique for most moped applications though...

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