rusted tank

never have i ever bathed in more gasoline

anyways.... i t appears i have a rusted tank

it's a flandria bermuda

i thaught the main problem was just a shotty petcock but when i removed the petcock and only a trickle of gas flowed out from a 1/4 full tank i began to fear the rust

.... poked a hanger in the hole and out gushed the gnarliest brown chunky gas

the petcock was crammed with chunks of rust and when i took the carb apart it seemed fine with the exception of brown gas residue

MY MAIN QUESTION IS.... does anyone know a sure fire way to take care of my rusty gas tank problem?

Re: rusted tank


You can put a chain or sand in the tank and shake it around a while (dry) then let all of that stuff out. use air compressor to finish up. To end problems once for all, use Kreem kit after you have done this. (Search for "Kreem Kit" on ebay)


Re: rusted tank

sand is alright, but could be real messy, and chain could dent the tank, i would suggest soft lead BB's and some Behrs concrete and rust etcher, that has usually done the trick on most of my not so rusted tanks,

however I had a pretty bad puch tank that i used the kreem kit on, i found the kreem kit to be a big pain in the ass, it took a long time and was sort of messy, i have heard there are some other tank lining products that are more 1 step sort of things and do a real good job and are not as messy or labor intensive

Re: rusted tank

Brad Vandenberg /

it looks like myron's mopeds... just north of me, has a process for this but i am not sure how much it costs. the bb's sounds like a good idea. i dunno about that Kream stuff. i think once i get the rust chunks out i won't have to worry to much about it sincie i will be using the ped.... just get an inline filter to catch any shake. any other fixes would still be appreciated.... if any of you have directions for one of these procedures that would be sweet.

Re: rusted tank

Brad Vandenberg /

like which fluid so i use to flush it out.... gas?

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i wouldnt take it to a shop, you can do it your self for less

you can get a gallon of Behrs concrete and rust etcher at home depot or some place for about 12 bucks, its pretty much phosphoric acid which is also in coca cola,

i have used the same gallon repeteadly for many uses and tanks,

just make sure to wrap some plastic or something aorund your bike so it doesnt hurt the paint, fill it up with the the etcher and swich it about and leave it in for awhile, i have left in in over night and its been fine, make sure you move it around a bunch to get all the tank, i have never had problems with it ruining the petcock or anything,

as the stuff works you can see the rust and stuff flat to the top and dissolve, when your done make sure you rinse it out thorughly with a garden hose and then just run some inline filters 247

Re: rusted tank

Brad Vandenberg /

hey thanks guys i knnow this subject comes up a squillion times on the forums.

i'm gonna try the etcher and a length of chain, followed by the hose and a hair dryer.

thanks a ton

Re: rusted tank

I hope you didnt follow that advice yet, I dont think it will hurt though, but I used POR 15 small tank repair kit and it knocks out all other makers out there, Another thing is dont use kreem, and lastlt I used it and its amazing!. 1st part cleans the gunk out, 2nd, turns rust in non alkaline or someting like that, and 3rd step seals with sealer that uses humidity in the air to harden , much different that other coatings that evaporate to drie. I think they should put this reply in the repair section.

Good luck

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