piston rings

I know i may be asking a lot but I am looking for piston rings for a 1957 Peugeot 1v ????

the ped is for sale but i would prefer to have it running

Re: piston rings-CHRISMWH?

Bump for Chris to take a look. don-ohio

Re: piston rings-CHRISMWH?

Call BJ at Handy Bikes in Ohio. They have a large selection of peugeot piston kits. You'll need to supply them with some sort of identification for the cylinder. There's probably a letter stamped on the cylinder, or a number or letter on the piston itself.

Good luck, email me if you need advice on taking the top end apart.

Re: piston rings-CHRISMWH?

cheers the code on the cylinder head is a 'c'

do you have a web address or a phone number for handy bikes as i am in france (europe) unfortunately

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