how can i clean a rusty ppuch gas tank?

i have a 78 puch maxi sport, where the tank is part of the frame. i was wondering how i could clean the rust off the inside of the tank...

thanks for helping me out

Re: how can i clean a rusty ppuch gas tank?

Mike Turner /

nevermind, i checked previous posts...but where do you get htis "kreem"???

Re: how can i clean a rusty ppuch gas tank?

motorcycle shops sell tons of it.. the kits are not cheap and it's a pain to complete the chore, but it's the best thing going as far as easy and inexpensive.

btw, if your tank is rusted it's a guarantee that the inside of the cap is rusted too.. My Kreemed tank had a rusted cap. The cap-vent kept clogging. Fuel delivery slowed to a trickle. Poking a piece of wire into the vent hole didnt help.

I pried open the cap's halves and it was packed with rust.

Try not to Kreem the gascap's vent hole or the petcock. Do your best to remove larger flakes of rust from the tank. A good job could add decades to the life of the tank.

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