tomos targa lx oil

yeah i put 10w-30 in my gear box and messed it all up and then i put sae 30 in it(help out a little) but then this weekend someone told me to put atf type f in it bc i couldnt find type a suffix a, it doesnt accelrate as it used to, huge loss in power and top speed, i need some help pleasse, somone help me bring this baby back to life thx

Re: tomos targa lx oil

You'll probably have to drain it and flush it a few times to get all that crap out of there. mercon dexron III ATF work good , though they do recommend type f. Drain it, flush it, fill it, run it abit then do it over, then the third time flush it good and fill it.

Also... Tomos's are very level specific. So if you don't know much about it (and it sounds like you don't) make sure you do the draining, flushing, and filling right. If you don't know, ask.

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ok i bought this moto flush and did it a couple of times and still runs slow but tel me how to do it to make sure i do it right

that oil u said is it god in performance too bc i some of it laying around

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It's alittle more abrasive on the clutch (mercon III ATF), but lots of people use it so it can't be that much worse.

fill it using a squeese bottle in the side mounted hole on level ground. when it starts coming back out of the hole at you let it drip out level and put the screw back in.

Re: tomos targa lx oil

Don Pflueger /

its because the cork clutches absorbed the oil, and now they are slipping. they need to be cleaned.

Re: tomos targa lx oil

how do i clean them and where r they located in the engine?

Re: tomos targa lx oil

Don Pflueger /

they are inside the transmission. its a major job to do it.

Re: tomos targa lx oil

man good job. that's a major paine in the ass.

Re: tomos targa lx oil

screw that i will sell it to a little kid

Re: tomos targa lx oil

What?! Screw someone else for your own fuck up!? You broke it: You fix it. Or have it fixed. You are not a true moped rider if you aren't willing to fix your own junk! I've had Tomos trannies tore apart, in my kitchen! Just take your time, listen to DonP, he is very wise in the area of any Tomos. We all will guide you through it, if you need help. Thats why this section is called "Moped Repair." Lucky I don't know you personally... I'm not going any further with that comment.

Re: tomos targa lx oil

"screw that i will sell it to a little kid"

how much littler?????

6, maybe 7 years old?????

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Kory do not use cheap transmission oil. Buy Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF oil, it's designed for racing. This oil exceeds Dextron III and Mercon. Run engine until hot, (ride it for 15 minutes). Set it on level ground. Drain it completely by removing the top, side and bottom drain plugs!! Refill with 300ml of oil, put plugs back in. This procedure should do the job. If it doesn't improve, it could be one or more of the following: faulty spark-plug

clogged jet, (remove carb., remove bottom cover,

unscrew jet, blow it clean, do not stick anything

in the hole.)

carbon build-up in the engine,

(remove cylinder head and exhaust pipe, clean

exhaust port, piston and cylinderhead. Do not

scratch mounting face.)

bad gasoline, (use high octane. 98 octane

recomended if you can find it in America!!)

Have fun and visit my website and donate for the technical advice. FreddieMoped

choose non-detergent

Trans lubes like Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF have a couple problems stemming from their detergent additives.

One is that the detergent breaks down under the heat /pressure of the clutch and, at best, the residue ends up on glossing the faces of the clutch plates.

The other is a detergent frees any metalic crap stuck to the insides of the gearbox and allows it to circulate, eventually to be caught in an auto-tranny's filter .. but mopeds don't have filters.. so that crap just keeps circulating.

Re: choose non-detergent

Joew: I've been using this oil for the last 4,000 miles and the first time I used it I noticed better shifting and shifting at a higher speed. Internally I don't know the specifics but I put 5,000 miles on it and still runs like new! I'll take your advice next time I change tranny oil. thanks!

Re: choose non-detergent

so is the mobile 1 bad for it should i get it?

Re: choose non-detergent

we may never know??????????????

many, many different opinions.

Re: choose non-detergent

Particular automobile auto-transmission construction and types have particular needs and there are almost as many special ATF formulas as there are transmissions.

Search the archives here and see that people have run just about everything in the Tomos gear boxes.. sometimes sucessfully, sometimes not.. and sometimes an oil works well until the weather changes.

Detergent additives do break down under heat and pressure and do loosen up all the crap in the gear box, allowing it to circulate. This is OK in a car's auto-trans that has a filter, oil cooling circulation through the radiator and gets scheduled filter cleaning, replacement and maintainance.

But if i had one of these bikes i'd use an older, generic, simple non-detergent basic ATF. Lower price would probably be an indication of higher suitability.

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