Flandria Bermuda 1977 petcock torubles

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the petcock on the flandria bermuda

Re: Flandria Bermuda 1977 petcock torubles

i guess you know petcocks often have a left-hand thread on one end and a right-hand thread (or nut) on the other.. This allows it to be tightened in some certain orientation with the On-Off lever conveniently pointed outward.. The threads are very fine and it might be hard to see the difference..

The gasket inside the top is just a rubber ring and can be cut from anything fuel resistant. Try bicycle inner tube material but neoprene would be better.

As far as repairing the petcock valve seal, that material is a special type of thing.. you might get lucky if you drop by a lawn mower repair shop with the petcock and ask the guy for help.

Last resort for thread and leak repair is to epoxy whatever needs to be epoxied and replace the petcock with a suitable inline on/off valve.

Petcocks are known to fit on other bikes. Like, the chances are any Honda petcock is gonna fit a similar sized Honda bike and tank.

Across-brand application can extend between many different bikes.. it's just hard to say which ones will fit. But they all use fine thread metrics of about the same size. i'd say the chances are 50/50 some moped petcock will fit another brand of moped.

Re: Flandria Bermuda 1977 petcock torubles

Brad Vandenberg /

thanks mang

gonna peep a lawn mower shop while i wait for a buddy to send me a part

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