my Commuter, sachs eng

Hi, I need to replace Cables (front and back) and they tell me ILL have to get from Germany,can anyone help me,need pitcock part as well . its taking too long , cant I just get em somewhere in USA,or have em made . Its 1981-Columbia Commuter, with sachs single piston engine.Any help would be great.


Re: my Commuter, sachs eng

August, is that a picture of your engine head or your head?


Re: my Commuter, sachs eng


I only said that because the pic is of a guy's head. :o)

Hey, was wondering if you could do me a small favor... Was wondering if you could count the teeth in the back sprocket and let me know how many teeth you've got on your Columbia Commuter? And how many bolts is holding the rear sprocket to the wheel?

I have the same moped, only mine has the Solo motor.


Re: my Commuter, sachs eng

The rear sprocket on my moped is large, and I'm looking for a smaller one (the one that's on the Columbia w/sachs) and been trying to find out how many teeth on the rear sprocket for Columbia w/Sachs motor.

Many thanks


Re: my Commuter, sachs eng

August, try Handybikes of Columbus, Ohio and ask for BJ. He

can help you as they stock lots of Sachs parts. They are very

helpful. You can find them on the web, ebay, or use the Resources listing on this site.

Good luck and happy hunting

Re: my Commuter, sachs eng

Seriously, you would shit your pants if you saw "the warehouse" at Handybikes.

They have every sachs part you need.

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