bad maxi brakes

once my 76 maxi gets going it is rather dangerous to stop - it seems like no matter how smoothly I try to stop the brakes tend to jerk to a halt, there is nothing smooth about it. It's almost as if it is all or none. It is a markedly different sensation to braking on my magnum, which though squeaky is at least smooth. Any ideas?

Re: bad maxi brakes

have you tried adjusting your brakes?? your pads could be totally worn down, or glazed over.

Re: bad maxi brakes


Sounds like you have bad brakes. Either shoes are gone or the brake cylinder is gone.

I have the brake pads/assembly from a 1978 Puch Maxi S. It seemed to stop the wheel pretty good... (Front brake shoes, springs and the whole set)

I'll sell it to you for $15.00 plus shipping. I will inspect the brakes before selling them to you if you're interested.

Of if you'd just rather have the whole front wheel which includes the brake, I would sell to you for $25.00 shipping included.


Re: bad maxi brakes

benji treat /

I've tried adjusting them a little, I just haven't opened them up to take a good look. I thought I would test the waters of brake knowledge first. I'll check the front one out today, and see what I can make of it. EK - thanks for the offer of the wheel, I'll let you know if I want to take you up on it.

Re: bad maxi brakes

ben, you can adjust them pretty tight. just check to mnake sure you aren't dragging.

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