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Where I live, mopeds have to have flashers (turning signal lights) to be lisenced for the street... I happen to have stumbled on a potentially good deal for a 1978 Puch which doesn't have signal lights...

How easy it is to add this kind of feature to a moped and how should I expect to pay for it?



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if you can fing a set of cateye turn signals, it's very easy to hook them up...they run on a seperate battery.

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Matthew Libhart /


I'm planning on hooking up some signals to my '78 Puch. I'm hoping that my magneto will be able to drive them (it should, even though it's sort of a weird AC/DC mix). I purchased a small license plate frame that had the signals already on it on Ebay, this was meant for, of all things, a Harley. I also got a 3-way switch that looks almost identical to the one on my Puch now (that little chrome job w/the push lever on the side). Now I have to wait for all that to get here, and in the meantime I'm going to find a 6V flasher relay, which shouldn't be too hard. If you're interested in going this route vs the battery option, reply and I'll post some pics or something once I get them working.

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there is one wire to solder so the yellow wire on the light switch

a VERY easy install

the only problem you might have is a bad battery

i had to buy 5 seperate sub-C batteries with solder tabs from zbattery.com as my old battery pack was bad

oh yea

i also had to replace the original switch with a new SPDT toggle switch

your lucky to find a kit

i searched for 1 year before finding one


check out my homemade welder @


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