Air Filter HELP

I have a 36cc gas scooter not a moped (my parents want to see how I will deal with this before i can get a moped). Well my problem is i just bought a k & n air filter and a velocity stack, put it on and everything, it is the right part for my scooter but now my motor won't start i pull and i pull but nothing happens. What do you think i should do to fix the problem.



Re: Air Filter HELP

did you upjet the carb???? you could be running way too lean now.

get a moped, much safer!!!!

Re: Air Filter HELP

do to fix it? hmm.. lemme think. How about you put the stock parts back on!

Then try to control your desire to build a fire-breathing monster cop-caller suicycle until mom and dad see how well you can deal with the responsibility of the little scooter..

Re: Air Filter HELP

Ben Van Zoest /

Had it ever ran, that is before you monkeyed with it?

Re: Air Filter HELP

You'll need a better carb for these. The original carbs on these 36cc sucks. You'll need to get a good high performance carb/jet then you probably would see an increase.

But before you do anything further, remove the air filter and velocity stack. Start the scooter. How does it run? If it runs fine... Then that's the problem. If it doesn't... Something else is wrong.


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