exaust bracket

ok on my targa i have a biturbo.........and theirs two brackets that the pipe mounts on to and the monting bracket in the back that attaches to the pipe has broke and is gone...........i have no idea where it is, probly some where in the street........but is it okay for me to ride with ouht it.....like the pipe feels fine and it doesnt shake or anyhing but if i ride without it is it going to effect anyhting and i dont know where i can get another because it looks like it was welded on.......help

Dan Cooker

Re: exaust bracket


Re: exaust bracket

make a new bracket for it, and bolt it on. it might not be loose, or shake now, but down the road you could have problems from vibration.

Re: exaust bracket

how do i make a bracket???

Re: exaust bracket

Find a piece of metal and bend it and shape it similar to what the original bracket looked like. Drill holes in it then bolt it on.

Or if you wanted to go hick style, you can get those thin metal strips with the holes in them... People use them for muffler mounting.


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