Tomos flywheel help

I have taken apart 3 tomos engines and each one of them has a different ignition. One was points with a larger flywheel, one was smaller with points and one was no points with the same size flywheel as the larger one. But i think it has different magnet locations. I need to know if i can use the point flyhweel with the non point ignition evn though the magnets are located different? or if it maters if i put on a point ignition on my no point wiring harness?

Re: Tomos flywheel help

Don Pflueger /

you can use a point type stator on a cdi type engine providing that, that is the type of ignition system used on that bike. in other words, you cant use points with a cdi. so if your putting a new engine onto an old bike, and the new engine was designed with electronic ignition, simply remove it and install a points style ignition. magnet placement is calibrated for that stator plate. the charging coils are located in time with that flywheel. you cant swap flywheels from one type of ignition to another. nor can you swap brand names.

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