honda nc50 air filter

I'm pretty new to mopeds and I just need to know if my air filter is alright. I really didn't know what to look for but I think its the circular reddish-brown sponge-like thing. Currently it is very dry and kinda shrivled looking but i decided not to mess with it. So I put probably 500 miles on it with no problems until winter made me put it away until spring. Can you guys tell me if the filter is in alright condition or should i replace or service it in some way. Thanks for you help.


Re: honda nc50 air filter

Generally, foam filters can be cleaned with mild solvent (or soap and water and dried completely) and then lightly coated with motor oil.. if you can squeeze any oil out it's got way too much oil on it. Too much oil will hurt air flow. The oil coating just grabs and holds tiny dust particles. Roll it around on a paper towel to remove excess oil.

The filter element should completely fill it's air box and not allow air to get past the edge of the filter element and the box. If it shrunk it's probably time for a new one.

Re: honda nc50 air filter

Jonas Quimby /

The foam air filter also tends to disintegrate over the years. Mine simply crumbled away when I touched it.

This isnt to say you shouldnt touch it, rather it's time to replace if that's the case.

I was able to get a generic element for my Express from the local motorcycle shop, just by bringing in the air filter box for them to look at. You might be able to do the same.

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