DonP: when you comin?

Hey man, are you comin down to pick up this G.B. this weekend? Its no problem, not like its goin anywhere or anything! Just if you are, try to give me a time, so I can round up the "Mafia" and we can meet you when you get off the interstate. I can give you some sights to look for when you get close, too.

Re: DonP: when you comin?

Don Pflueger /

money is a bad issue right at the moment. but i do still want it. if you need me to, i can send you the money for it, but i dont think i'll be able to make it down this weekend again. patty keeps planning different things every weekend. this sat she is gonna be at the home and garden show at the cleveland IX center, so that is screwing me up. maybe the following weekend? hold tight and i'll let you know whats going on. plus next weekend i'll have about $5,000 in extra cash,just in case i want to buy some other stuff when i'm there.

Re: DonP: when you comin?

LOL, no problem! Women.....

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