Puch lights

i have a 1977 maxi sport...very nice machine...but it has a problem...none of the lights work...they all used to, and the horn works...its the model that if one light burns out it wont run...but its running fine...Isn't this strange??? Any idea what could be causing this??--Jeremy

Re: Puch lights

See Ya Moped Army /

No, it will still run. Italian mopeds are wired like that. Check the wiring from the magneto to the terminal block and the terminal block to the switch. Then check the light switch itself. You could also have a bad lighting magneto.

Re: Puch lights

Jason Luther /

no head lights _or_ tail lights? do the brake lights work? this may be silly but have you checked the bulbs? once one blows the others down the line gets more current causing them to blow. if its not the bulbs just start checking all the wires and grounds. its probably something simple. -jason

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