Honda Carb Schematics/Instructions

I believe my pa50II has a dirty carb and have heard a lot about what a pain it is to remove the carb, as well as how tricky it can be. Where on the web are there detailed schematics and intructions for cleaning the carb? THANKS!

Re: Honda Carb Schematics/Instructions

There's a 1983 PA50 II manual here that has a couple pages on the carb, including an exploded view..

this link seems to be dead right now so try it later..

Use the Search function for general carb cleaning instructions..

Here's how i lower the engine to get at the carb. Be careful and double check for wires or cables that must be disconnected before lowering it all the way to the ground. You might need a hand-impact wrench to get the 4 reed-block screws started out.. they can be tight. Coat those mating surfaces with Permatex 2 (non-hardening gasket sealant) before reassembly to prevent vacuum leaks.

There's another method (search) if you have an overhanging beam and can raise the frame with a rope.. but the same wires, cables, etc. still have to be disconnected.

Re: Honda Carb Schematics/Instructions

If you have a fax machine, I can fax you copies of the O&M and parts list.

Re: Honda Carb Schematics/Instructions


go to you'll LOVE THIS!

Look up OEM parts... Then select models, etc... This site loves Honda scooters. Not only do they have schematics, they also have a parts list where you can purchase parts. (Schematics are numbered for parts. Its awesome)

HINT You can right-click on the schematics for each item and save picture as.... to your desktop. Then open it on your desktop and print it. VERY useful, especially if you have high quality paper... You'd have a schematic manual!


Re: Honda Carb Schematics/Instructions

Didn't work for me. In 1978 there were only 5 models listed and none were mopeds.

Re: Honda Carb Schematics/Instructions

thanks guys! I just can't wait to get started!

Re: Honda Carb Schematics/Instructions


yeah, in my post I said scooters... They like Hondas, Yamaha and a couple others. It's limited, but for those that do have theirs listed, such as the QT 50, FA 50, Honda Express, Honda Express II, this is heaven!


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